When the "wrong" path really is the right path


Sue White


I am a lifelong truth-seeker and I have a heart for those who share my passion. I also relate to the skeptics of the world – those who need to ask questions and challenge the status quo in order to find the truth. (My favorite disciple is Thomas, otherwise known as “Doubting Thomas”). 

I have always been the studious type, a “bookworm,” if you will. I am a lifelong learner and "truth-seeker" with an eclectic background; someone who sees patterns and looks for the “big picture.” I take a holistic view and try to put all the pieces together into a coherent whole. 

I remember, as a child, asking questions in Sunday school, but I seldom received answers that satisfied me. Eventually, God sent me to seminary so that I could learn how to search out Scriptural answers for myself. 

Over the years, I have acquired four earned degrees including a Masters in Theological Studies and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. I studied psychology because I like to figure out "what makes people tick”. (Consequently, you will see some psychological overtones in the chapters that follow.) I had planned to become a psychotherapist - until a serious illness derailed that plan. 



I currently lead a small group/Bible Study for people in my neighborhood. 

My eclectic background allows me to draw insights from multiple disciplines and to integrate them into a cohesive whole. When I’m teaching, I love having people ask lots of questions. I find that people learn best when they’re engaged and asking questions increases engagement. I especially welcome the skeptic (the one who is honestly searching but just not convinced) to join in wholeheartedly with the discussions.