When the "wrong" path really is the right path


The Prodigal's Wilderness: When the "Wrong" Path Really Is the Right Path book cover.

Bible Study of Luke Chapter 15

This book uses Jesus' stories (parables) of the shepherd who lost his sheep, the woman who lost her coin, and the prodigal son to derive principles of personal transformation that we can apply directly to our lives today.

Addresses Essential Life Questions

This Christian book addresses universal life questions such as: 

  • “Who am I?” 
  • “Where do I belong?” 
  • “What is the purpose and meaning of life?” and 
  • Family relationships
  • Personal growth
  • Christian living

Universal Message of Hope

This book offers hope for men and women who've:

  • been disappointed in life, 
  • suffered loss, 
  • strayed from God, or 
  • don’t know what to do after a personal crisis.

The book is great for individuals, but it's even better as part of a Small Group study. It addresses universal needs of love, acceptance, intimacy, recognition, and self-worth and benefits greatly from group discussion.


Increase Your Trust & Faith in God

My faith makes me whole in spirit, soul and body.

This book will increase your faith and trust in God and result in your spiritual growth.  

Discover how God is transforming you and how he can create a wonderful future for you - just like he did for the prodigal. 

Be Encouraged

You are loved sign with blue flower.

It demonstrates that  God loves you and has a plan for your life – even when life doesn’t go according to your plan, and when it is confusing, stressful and overwhelming. 

It shows that God is a compassionate God of love - one who seeks people who are lost, or who have strayed from the right path. He redeems the mistakes we've made in the past and offers us a second chance and a new beginning resulting in an intimate relationship with God.

Improve Your Personal Bible Study

Person reading the Bible.

I’ve packed a lot of Bible knowledge into the pages that follow.  You will find the information about the culture and norms of first century Israel very fascinating.  

You may find that studying this parable helps you deepen your own Bible study methods and personal devotions.  

Some of those little historical tidbits may open your eyes to important Biblical truths you’d never seen before.  

Be Prepared to Give an Answer

Be prepared to answer questions .. who? what? when? why?

In today’s post-Christian world, Christians are increasingly under attack for traditional Biblical beliefs.  

The devil and his minions are becoming much more active and much more vocal than they have been in the past.  

People from many walks of life, whether they be entertainers and celebrities, or politicians and protesters, ..., or your next door neighbor, seem to take great pleasure in denigrating the Christian faith and your beliefs.  

But there are moments, like the sun breaking through the clouds, when someone you know might actually be open to hearing the gospel and why you believe what you believe,  

"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.  But do this with gentleness and respect." (I Peter 3:15) 

Yours may be the only lucid voice they will ever hear who can introduce them to the Savior.  

Don’t let such an opportunity pass you by, because you were not prepared. 

Meet the Messiah in His 1st Century World

A shepherd with his flock of sheep in the desert.

If you’ve never met Jesus, the Messiah, now’s your chance!  Be sure to pay attention to the Chapter, “Who Is This Jesus?” 

You’ll learn about the man, his mission, his ministry – and the changes he brought that have impacted the world for two thousand years! 

If you haven't yet met the Messiah, this is the place to start!

Provide More Effective Small Group, Bible Studies & Pastoral Care

A group of people attending a Bible Study

This book addresses both theology and psychology, including kingdom of God and eschatology perspectives.

It teaches one about ChristianB living, proper conduct of life – and importantly – how to redeem the years the locusts have eaten.

  • Pastors and small group leaders can use this book as a text for:
    • Bible Studies, ministry, evangelism and discipleship,
    • Counseling and recovery,
    • Leadership groups addressing the need to follow one’s own path and stand alone when necessary, and
    • Small groups addressing a wide range of problems and life situations. 


The Prodigal’s Wilderness, Sue White

The Prodigal’s Wilderness is one of the most outstanding, beautiful, and memorable self-help/Christian living guides I have ever had the pleasure of reading. 

Sue White is the author of The Prodigal’s Wilderness, and in her book, she will take her readers on a journey of transformation and this journey will provide readers with the tools to live a happier and more successful life with a stronger connection to God. 

As I read The Prodigal’s Wilderness I felt myself instantly charmed by Sue White and her mesmerizing words; as I read them, I found myself turning the pages ever faster but at the same time I also wanted to read it very slowly. This is because I wanted to soak in every chapter and every word because I knew from reading it, it would have the ability to change my life, and it can change yours too.

The Prodigal’s Wilderness is an incredible book that will help you stop feeling stuck and unclear on your purpose in life and help restore your closeness with God.  ...

The reader in The Prodigal’s Wilderness will learn how to overcome challenges, whether they are challenges with you or family members etc, as well as grow closer to God if your relationship with him has grown distant. 

All of this and more is explored in the sensational The Prodigal’s Wilderness and should not be missed book lovers! ...

The Prodigal’s Wilderness a book that should not be missed.

Overall The Prodigal’s Wilderness is a stellar read that can enrich, benefit, and change many peoples lives so I, of course, have to award this dazzling book five stars! 

If you are a reader who is looking to explore such topics, then I would recommend this gem of a book… you won’t regret it! ... Aimee Ann

Transformation: It isn't easy, but worth the effort.

Sue White offers both established views and welcome new insights regarding Jesus' parables--the lost sheep, misplaced coin, and prodigal son. 

The author encourages the reader to walk into and through the 'desert wilderness' trusting that more exists than the bleakness of the immediate dark and barren experience. 

Well known Biblical characters are sited--Moses, David, John the Baptist and Jesus among them-- ones who had their lives transformed by encounters with God during their time in the 'desert wilderness.' 

"When the wrong path is really the right path" is a mantra the author encourages the reader to embrace while persevering, waiting, and staying the course with faith that God will appear in the dark or empty landscape of our despair. 

Sue White's book offers all of us hope for the journey.


Journey of the wilderness

Excellent systematic breakdown of a few of the parables, especially the complexities of the three stories, one parable, in Luke 15. 

Well researched and thoughtfully presented from an interpretive point of view with highlights of psychological and theological discussions. 

The author takes you on a microscopic journey of the wilderness at first, pointing out specific lessons of each story. But then she backs away to see the truths from a telescopic vantage, allowing us to see the whole picture, (we can see the entire elephant).