When the "wrong" path really is the right path

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Sue White, MATS, MAMFT

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Sue White is an author and Bible Study leader who helps people deal with disruptive change in their lives.

The Prodigal's Wilderness: When the "Wrong" Path Really Is the Right Path

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Learn how the times in your life where you face difficult challenges really accelerate your spiritual growth. 

Prodigal's Wilderness - Study Guide (in development)

Prodigal's Wilderness Study Guide - in development

A Study Guide is in development for those people who like to have a study guide to assist in their learning experience.


Sue White

I have always been the studious type, a “bookworm;” 

I’m a lifelong learner & I have an eclectic background. 

Over the years, I have acquired four earned degrees including a Masters in Theological Studies and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. 



Have you ever felt like you've missed your calling, or made mistakes in choosing your life's path? 

· Do you feel like you're not where God wants you to be? 

· Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a spiritual desert?

If so, this inspirational book will give you hope for your future, encourage you, help you choose the right path and help you to understand your true identity. 

God is a God of second chances and new beginnings.


This Christian book addresses universal life questions such as: 

· “Who am I?” 

· “Where do I belong?” 

· “What is the purpose and meaning of life?” and 

· Family relationships

· Personal growth

· Christian living

It uses the parables of Jesus, including the parable of the lost sheep, the parable of the lost coin, and the parable of the prodigal son to derive principles of personal transformation that you can apply directly to your life today. 


· Are you confused, overwhelmed and struggling to make sense of life’s challenges? 

· Are you grieving because your spouse, child or some other loved one has died? 

· Are you experiencing a major health crisis? 

· Do you have financial problems, maybe even a bankruptcy?

· Do you ever wonder: “God, where are you?”

· Have you made some poor life choices that negatively affect your life? 

· Are you afraid that God is angry with you? That he won’t forgive you? Guess what – God is a God of forgiveness and mercy.

· Do you feel like you’re in a spiritual desert? Are your prayers bouncing off the ceiling? Has your relationship with God grown cold? 

· Do you feel like you’re all alone in the world and no one understands you? Do you feel criticized, rejected or ostracized by friends or family? 

· Have you lost hope? Don’t know what to do or where to go? 

If any of these situations apply to you, this book is for you!


Take the first step in your personal transformation and being your higher self. 

Discover how God is transforming you and how he can create a wonderful future for you - just like he did for the prodigal. 

· This book will increase your faith and trust in God and result in your spiritual growth. 

· Individuals can use this book to understand and/or improve:

o The grieving process surrounding the death of a loved one, 

o The importance of faith and choice in recovery and healing, 

o Personal Bible Study, criticism and interpretation, 

o Critical thinking, and 

o Apologetics - the ability to respond to questions about their personal beliefs.

· Pastors and small group leaders can use this book as a text for:

o Bible Studies, ministry, evangelism and discipleship,

o Counseling and recovery,

o Leadership groups addressing the need to follow one’s own path and stand alone when necessary, and

o Small groups addressing a wide range of problems and life situations. 

· This book addresses both theology and psychology, including kingdom of God and eschatology perspectives.

· It teaches one about Christian living, proper conduct of life – and importantly – how to redeem the years the locusts have eaten.